Tire size comparison in inches
215/75 R15 vs 205/30 R20

Original tire size
New tire size

Parameter Old New Difference
Overall diameter: - - -
Section width - - -
Circumference - - -
Sidewall height - - -
Revs per mile: - - -
Clearance -
Result: -
If your speedometer reads:
Real speed is:
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Size difference between 215/75 R15 and 205/30 R20 tires.

In the tire comparison table above, you can see a detailed calculation of the size difference between 215/75 R15 and 205/30 R20 tire. The calculation results are presented in the form of visual infographics, on which tire with size 215/75 R15 is on top, and tire with size 205/30 R20 below. Both in the table and in the graph, the tires are compared according to the following indicators: overall diameter, section width, circumference, sidewall height and clearance. Also, the online application calculates the difference in real speed and speedometer readings if the difference between tire 215/75 R15 and tire 205/30 R20 is significant. Calculate the difference in inches.

If you want to compare other tire sizes, then select their sizes in the drop-down fields and click on the green button. The online wheel calculator will then display the new results.

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